Do On-page seo for better rankings Fast


Do  On-page seo for better rankings Fast
When thinking about having your website SEO friendly and being ahead of the game and protecting yourself from panda and penguin algorithm changes from Google. you need to have your pages optimized for content.

I'm including some pictures so you can see what I mean. its not worth your time doing blasts of backlinks or wiki links or forum blast. Those are old school and have short term affects and actually can hurt your ranking down the road when google visits your page & then you have to start over..

We only use us what google wants so you get found.

Example & true case study on one of our clients.
they where way back on page 17, within 4 weeks they had 4 related search terms on page one. the next week 8 pages on page one. 4th week they have 11 pages for related search terms on page one of google and are still rising.
yes, this was right along with the Google updated that just came out.

what we will do:
optimize the page and the description and keywords to help get better organic ranking.
We are one of the top online marketers doing SEO that works.
We guarantee it.
We use four different platforms for analysis.
we determine the best on page seo and include top 10 competitors stats to see what is needed to beat or match them online and try to out rank them.

The Goal is to to the best on page seo. and also give you the blueprint to follow thru on how to get to the top Fast.
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